Bring us your shreddables – credit card & bank statements, legal & tax documents, medical & insurance records, meatloaf & fruitcake recipes, business files, utility bills, & junk mail. Avoid ID theft: quick and secure with NAID certificate of deposit.

Additional Services

We also can assist you with the following services:

• Key cutting
• Computer ChipKey cutting
• Galvanized, PVC, ABS, & more pipe cutting
• Hardware cloth, chicken wire, and plastic netting cutting (by the foot)
• FREE battery testing (no car batteries)
• FREE cell phone & cordless tool battery recycling
• Fluorescent bulb/tube recycle drop off (small fee per bulb; limit 12).
• Flashlight bulb matching — bring yours in so we can match it!
• Schlage & Kwikset lock rekeying
• Two FREE hours of spreader use with the purchase of fertilizer or lime
• Garden hose repair
• Custom garden hose lengths (cut and cap)
• Custom colored spray paint

~ Please allow a 5 day turnaround ~
• Grass clippers
• Axes & hatchets
• Shovels & 1/2 moon edgers
• Pruners
• Hedge shears
• Lopping shears
• Pitch forks
• Single blade rotary lawnmowers
• Scissors (no pinking shears)
• Knives (non-serrated)
~ Precision while you wait ~

Single strength glass up to 36” x 48”
Double strength glass up to 32” x 48”
Mirror up to 36” x 48”
Obscure up to 30” x 36”
Non-glare up to 32” x 40”
Plexiglass (1/10”) up to 36” x 60”
Plexiglass (1/4”) up to 24” x 48”
Lexan up to 32” x 44”
Panel light for ceiling fixtures 24” x 48”

We carry window glass: NOT for table tops or shelving as the edges is SHARP and not load bearing! Prices vary by size and thickness.

Single strength 3/32”
Double strength 1/8”
Mirror 1/8”
Obscure 3/32”
Non-glare 3/32”
Plexiglas 1/10” & ¼”
Lexan .093”
Host carpet cleaner Strap wrench Circuit detector
Appliance hand truck Jig saw Cable swager crimping tools
Mover’s dolly Angle grinder Fish tape
Folding hand truck Belt sander T-square
Plumbing kit Reciprocating saw 200′ Tape measure
Basin wrench Hammer drill Measure wheel
Test plug – 3 inches to 4 inches Heat gun Compass
Test plug – 1 1/4 inches to 2 inches Bolt cutter Laser level & pointer
Water main shutoff key Wrecking bar Post level
Pipe wrench Pry bar Post driver
Post hole digger Lawn aerator, push Edgar, rotary
Tree pruner, 12′ Lawn roller Bolt extractors
Tubing bender Bolt cutters Tin snips
Vise grip chain clamp Sledge hammer Floor scraper
Floor blower Fan blower Floor tile cutter pro

Screen Repair

~ Please allow a 7 day turnaround ~
Window Screening
• Screening product: aluminum (silver or black) or fiberglass (gray or black)
• Minimum: over 10 sq. ft

Sliding Door Screening (additional cost for wood frames)
• Screening product: aluminum (silver or black) or fiberglass (gray or black)
• Dimensions: from 30 x 80 to 48 x 80

Storm Door Screening (1/2 section screen)
• Screening product: aluminum (silver or black) or fiberglass (gray or black)

Other services:
• Replace damaged, missing or old spine.
• Replace wood molding on wood framed doors.
• Replace access doors.
• We carry pet & child push guard screens.

Window Shade Cutting

• Sizes: up to 55 x 78 inches, depending on type of shade
• Shade types: light-filtering – lightweight, room-darkening – heavyweight

~ FREE Service ~
We can match your favorite colors. Please bring in a sample that is at least the size of a quarter.
Samples must be completely dry and lay flat for scanning.

Samples could include:
• a stir stick with dried paint on it
• colored fabric
• colored paper
• colored labels
• paint can label with dried paint