Our Paint Brands

We carry three brands of paint to choose from — you decide which one works best for you

Clark+Kensington Paint

  • Ranked #1 interior paint by a leading consumer magazine
  • Paint and Primer in One

Valspar Paint

  • Low VOC
  • Optimus and Aspire


Duckback Stains for wood and concrete
Enhance, beautify, and protect decks, fencing, siding, trim, log homes, outdoor furniture, sidewalks, patios, garage & basement floors, and a variety of composite lumber and fiber cement siding.

Cabot Stains
Cabot is recognized as an industry leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of premium quality woodcare products.

PolyShades by Minwax
Combines rich beautiful stain and durable palyurethane protection in one simple step.

Color Matching

  • We can match your favorite colors. Please bring in a sample that is at least the size of a quarter
  • Samples must be completely dry and lay flat for scanning
  • Samples could include:
    • a stir stick with dried paint on it
    • colored fabric
    • colored paper
    • colored labels
    • paint can label with dried paint

Paint Disposal


  • Use your leftover paint on something else
  • Give it to someone else to use
  • Use our hardener additive — available at our paint counter — and then throw it in the trash
  • Open the can and let it dry out on its own (1/4 can or less)
  • Oil/Alkyd based paints may be taken to the hazardous waste. Latex paint and latex paint stains are no longer considered hazardous waste. If latex paint/stain cannot be used up or given away, it may be disposed of in the garbage if it is dried up. Liquids are not allowed in the garbage


South Seattle: 8105 Fifth Ave So.
Household Hazards Line: 206-296-4692 for more info (including all other disposal items)

Tips on Painting and Prep

Print out your own handy “How-to-make-your-Paint-Job-a-Success” info sheet